StarTEK (Technology Enabled Knowledge) Team is a new start-up in the Blockchain field. The team consists of a diverse group of multi-talented individuals with strong leadership profiles coming together to inspire a content revolution. The sponsors behind MContent comprise of a group of established investors based in the Europe such as Zahlex GmbH Crowdfunding Company who have a vision to change the global content landscape in the field of rovolution of blockchain in the years to come.

StarTEK Team will Create the Next Generation of Cryptocurrency (Quantum System) (

At the first place, StarTEK Protocol team which is the knowledge base start-up in blockchain field, have created a new deflationary token based on Binance Smart Chain (STEK) with high profit in each transaction. They work on an amazing Idea to cooperate with other specialist and investors like Elon Musk and Dogecoin group to develop a new crypto technology based on neural networks to replace with bitcoin and revolutionize current crypto currencies and reduces the energy consumption, and CO2 and help the scientists and researchers around the world to convert ideas and answers, specially in new problems in the field of Mathematics and Physics to a valuable coin. This important project, currently is preparing in StarTEK protocol team with the support of Zahlex GmbH company. We need your help to develop our project with tweet and cooperation. So far, the first phase of the project has taken place, and the initial shell of the project has been implemented under the MATLAB programming language platform (Integrating Python and MATLAB).

StarTEK group is attracting investors and startup token holders and intends to achieve the following goals by 2022:

1. Creation of the new generation of the Cryptocurrency (Quantum System).

2. Calling MATLAB’s predictive analytics for Bitcoin.

3. Establishing a Scientific NFT Store for Researchers and Scientists.

4. Supporting the new start-ups in the field of Computer Games.

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