Our Team

Each and every one of our team members represents StarTEK spirit: passion, drive, and innovation. We are dynamic individuals with a passion for digital finance of the blockchain era. Together, we strive to provide the best services possible while building loyalty at every touchpoint.

Our Mission

Collective intelligence can be the result of every citizen’s contribution. Decentralized, it now has the vision to build a fair ecosystem. StarTEK will deliver a protocol to create simple and scalable business applications. Unlike existing blockchain language it will be easy to deploy and will not be concentrated into limited hands.Now is the time to deploy new blockchain at the heart of neural network (Quantom network).


Our Vision

Mainly designed for money transfers and simple transactions, the current blockchain consumes too much energy. It is painfully slow, lacks agility and impedes scaling for more complex operations.Mining monopolies have taken control over the decentralized nature of Bitcoin and the environmental impact is bigger than ever. Thus, we think that it is time for a complete rewrite.A new generation of blockchain that gives power back to the people.
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StarTEK Team

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